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Jim Thompson Mystery Trail
An American businessman and famed for his revival of the Thai silk industry, Jim Thompson had a love of nature and the countryside. On Easter Sunday, 26 March 1967, he set out from the Moonlight Cottage for a mid-afternoon stroll in the jungle and was never seen again. Our signature trail combines his passion for the surrounding hills with the mysterious circumstances of his disappearance.

The Organic Culinary Journey
Wander through plots of undulating vegetable beds with our chef and the farmer, learning the intricacies of organic farming methods and nurturing crops. Enjoy a cooking demonstration by the chef using freshly harvested vegetables to prepare a three-course meal before settling down to sample the healthy fare. Guests will receive a copy of the recipes and a certificate of participation.

Cameron Highlands Leisure Trails
This fascinating three-hour tour will introduce the unique varieties of vegetables, flowers, strawberries and cacti grown in the highlands. Plan out the unique sites you’d like to visit with our in-house guide.

Jungle Trekking Adventure
Discover the plethora of natural wonders native to the highlands; encounter colorful flora that bloom along the trails whilst hearing the cicadas’ call. Select from a variety of trails with the help of our Resident Naturalist.