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Signature Picnic Experience
The journey starts at BOH Tea Centre where guests stroll through tea bushes before touring a working tea factory to learn how tea is produced. A tasting session cultivates appreciation of the brew by outlining the various grades, flavours and characteristics of the tea produced by BOH. A picnic in the plantation’s heart with a panoramic tea valley view concludes this exclusive experience.

Jim Thompson Mystery Trail
An American businessman and famed for his revival of the Thai silk industry, Jim Thompson had a love of nature and the countryside. On Easter Sunday, 26 March 1967, he set out from the Moonlight Cottage for a mid-afternoon stroll in the jungle and was never seen again. Our signature trail combines his passion for the surrounding hills with the mysterious circumstances of his disappearance.

Murder Mystery In The Misty Mountains
Whether for an intimate celebrative weekend, a corporate getaway or a brainstorming icebreaker, this exclusive whodunit event will invoke laughter and inspiration. Set in the 1960s, the plot features Jim Thompson, the legendary Thai Silk King who mysteriously disappeared in Cameron Highlands on March 1967 with participants racing to solve the murder mystery.

The Organic Culinary Journey
Wander through plots of undulating vegetable beds with our chef and the farmer, learning the intricacies of organic farming methods and nurturing crops. Enjoy a cooking demonstration by the chef using freshly harvested vegetables to prepare a three-course meal before settling down to sample the healthy fare. Guests will receive a copy of the recipes and a certificate of participation.

Tea Appreciation Experience
Delve into the fascinating world of tea with an exclusive guided visit to the local tea plantation. Explore its factory and processes before enjoying a private tea tasting session to discover the sublime sensory experience of tea, from appreciating different aromas and subtle flavours to their lingering aftertaste. The experience ends at the plantation's open-air café with a proper brew surrounded by stunning views of the tea gardens.

Cameron Highlands Leisure Trails
This fascinating three-hour tour will introduce the unique varieties of vegetables, flowers, strawberries and cacti grown in the highlands. Explore Sam Poh Temple, the oldest Buddhist temple in the area, a market square, rose garden, strawberry and vegetable farms and venture into an intriguing world of butterflies and honeybees.

Trails To Pos Rantau - An Orang Asli Village
Get a glimpse into the life of the oldest Semai tribal villages at Pos Rantau. Discover their history, beliefs and the intricate relationship with their natural surroundings, witness blowpipe and craft demonstrations of traditional skills passed down over generations. Sights along the way are Bertam Valley, the largest Chinese farming village, a potted flower nursery and spectacular farm and village views.

Nocturnal Jungle Trekking Adventure
Another face of the jungle is revealed at dusk where it becomes a different world. Your vision will acclimatise to the changing light and senses are heightened. Discover the night flora that blooms along the trail; hear the cicadas’ call and the Jungle Caller cry. While the night owl and mountain goat are highly elusive creatures, one may be able to get a glimpse if they come out to feed.

Tea Plantation & Gunung Brinchang Trails
Drive up Gunung Brinchang at 2,000 metres above sea level and climb the viewing tower for unforgettable panoramic views across lush peaks. See how a conventional open Chinese farm has adapted its traditional small farming methods before visiting the BOH Tea Plantation for insights into the tea making process and savouring exquisite teas.

Sam Poh Temple Trail
Start off from our hotel and follow the golf course perimeter to Arcadia to access a jungle path leading to Sam Poh Temple, the oldest Chinese temple in the highlands. With three steep descents at the end, the trail is suited for those who enjoy challenging terrains. Spot a variety of wild flora and fauna such as rhododendron singapura, wild ginger, begonia and wild palm trees along the way.

Gunung Brinchang Trail
This adventurous trail is suitable for the fit that enjoy a steep, challenging climb up to the highlands’ highest peak. The summit boasts a spectacular view of the undulating hills on a clear day. 15 different bird species have been recorded along the trail while the varied foliage reveals wild begonia and orchids, cobra lilies, pitcher plants and is flanked by bamboo towards the summit.

Trails To Gunung Berembun
Gunung Berembun or Misty Mountain has 3 trail options: Arcadia, MARDI or Robinson Falls - all physically challenging with varying distances and recommended only to very fit individuals. The Arcadia trail ends at MARDI or Robinson Falls while the MARDI trail ends at Robinson Falls. Lush plant life, birds and maybe a glimpse of the shy gibbon, mountain goat or squirrels can be seen along the way.

Robinson Falls Trail
Trek to the famous Robinson Falls from Tanah Rata crossing through a conventional small farm before ending back at Tanah Rata. The trail covers uneven ground and there is a steep 150 metre stretch but our guide can personalise this trail according to your fitness level. The path is excellent for bird watchers and flora along the trail include jewel orchids, bird’s nest ferns and wild begonias.