spa treatments

The surrounding jungle and tea plantations form the basis for many of the therapies at Spa Village Cameron Highlands in addition to the Orang Asli inspired rituals. Each rejuvenating treatment is designed to bring the body and mind back to equilibrium utilising honey, strawberries, tea, roses, and more.


Rose Garden (2 hrs)
The rose, named 'The Queen of the Flowers', has been the enduring symbol of love and beauty from the beginning of history. Roses and the essential oil of rose have been used for centuries to heal the body, mind and spirit. Local lore credits a Scotsman with cultivating the first rose garden in Cameron Highlands in the 1950s. In honour of the first Yellow Champagne Roses, we introduce an 'Anti-Stress' bath, scrub and body massage using an aromatic herbal preparation of fresh Cameron-grown roses, tea leaves and rose essential oil. Rose essential oil is beneficial to all skin types, has aphrodisiac qualities, and is uplifting and calming.

Cameron's Mint (2 hrs)
Mint has long been acknowledged for its healing properties, and is excellent for improving circulation and boosting the immune system. Mint is known to soften, relax, refresh, hydrate and naturally deodorise your skin and body while refreshing the mind and senses.

Fresh Strawberry Escapade (2 hrs)
Strawberries are evocative of an English summer and have been a symbol of purity and passion. Romans cultivated them for their medicinal qualities, believing that strawberries bring relief from depression, infections and fevers, as well as ailments of the kidneys, liver and blood. Centuries later, Madame Tallien, a prominent figure at the court of Napoleon, was reputed to bathe in the juice of strawberries for its healing properties. Pureed fresh strawberries also soften the skin and cool inflammation.

Chrysanthemum & Avocado Escape (2 hrs)
Chrysanthemums have a long history of medicinal uses and are still current in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia. The avocado is a treasury of vitamins, minerals and natural oils. Avocados are rich in skin-soothing vitamin E and the oil is prized for its silky soft texture and superior absorption to moisturise and nourish the skin.

The Semai (3 hrs)
The Semai are the indigenous people or Orang Asli of the state of Pahang. In Orang Asli culture, every forest product has a specific use and the Semai elders have mastered the practices of treating ailments using the plants of the jungle. Their knowledge of traditional medicine has been acquired over millennia. What to the common eye is a shrub or a weed is a precious resource to them.

Tungku Batu* (Heated Stone Therapy) 100 minutes
Healing with stones is an ancient form of therapy long practiced as an addition to a massage in the Malay and Orang Asli culture. It is a traditional therapy for women in birth confinement and for men to enhance agility. Massaging the body using heated stones helps hasten the elimination of toxins, alleviate joint pains, loosen tense muscles and break down excess fats. Reservations must be made at least 30 minutes prior to this treatment.

Campur-Campur* 100 minutes
The name “Campur-Campur” means a blending of varieties in Malay. Combining the best techniques of Malay and Thai massage, this exclusive signature creation of Spa Village uses touch, tone and aromatherapy to give you a unique and memorable experience. The scent of lemon grass and pandanus leaves fills the air as steamed herbs are pressed along the body using a traditional steam pouch.

The Golfers and Hikers Therapy 80 minutes
After a round of golf, or a good hike through the forest of Cameron Highlands, our Golf and Hikers Therapy will invigorate and restore your body. This massage encompasses a range of deep, rhythmic movements to stimulate muscle tissue, ease tension and relieve muscular aches and pains. The technique soothes and relaxes the whole body with the therapeutic synergy of aromatic essential oils, including Ginger, Mint and Thyme, blended in healing soya and sesame oils.

Lapis-Lapis* (Malay Herbal Wrap) 50 minutes
In this treatment, a fresh mixture of lemon grass, ginger, galangal and camphor is applied to the body, which is then wrapped in warm sheets. This is an excellent precedent to a Thai or Malay massage. It helps to detoxify, reduce water retention and relieve joint and muscle pain.

Rose Petals Facial 50 minutes
With the ultimate pampering of dried rose petals mask, rose cleanser and rose toner, this fragrant facial cleanses and moisturises the face, leaving it relaxed and silky smooth. This treatment incorporates the European 15 points facial massage to rejuvenate and refresh the skin.

Services that are listed with a * symbol are considered heat treatments and are not recommended for guests who have heart conditions, suffer heat sensitivity, or are pregnant.
Swedish 50 or 80 minutes
This classic oil massage works predominantly with the muscles, soft tissues, and joints, utilising long, rhythmic strokes. Please request light, medium or deep pressure.

Aroma 50 or 80 minutes
The powerful effects of aroma on the body and mind, combined with a technique designed to elicit the relaxation response makes this massage an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to reduce stress. To ensure quality and achieve the desired effects, we have produced our own blends of aromatherapy oils, with a choice of Relaxing, Purifying or Uplifting.

Lomi-lomi 50 or 80 minutes
An ancient Hawaiian therapeutic technique, passed down through generations by Hawaiian healers, using both gentle and vigorous strokes to ease muscle pain, promote relaxation and result in an overall sense of well-being.

Malay 50 or 80 minutes
The art of traditional Malay massage is passed on from generation to generation. The technique consists of long kneading strokes that focus on the muscles, and pressure applied to various points on the body. This treatment uses oil made with special local ingredients such as turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, onion and citronella, which invigorate circulation.

Balinese 50 or 80 minutes
This massage combines a historical reference from many cultures, especially Indian, Chinese and European influences, which form the foundation of Balinese traditions. Thus, the ritual offers techniques which vary in tempo of acupressure, rolling motions, long strokes and percussion, which provide an invigorating and energising experience for the body.

Thai 50 or 80 minutes
An art with an ancient tradition, this method of massage was originally practised only in Thai temples by Buddhist monks versed in the art of healing. This massage is an integral part of the life of the Thai people. It is described as "Yoga Massage" for its stretching and bending movements. This is ideal for anyone who desires increased energy flow and flexibility. A t-shirt and loose cotton pants are provided.

Shiatsu 50 or 80 minutes
Shiatsu is a Japanese pressure point technique based on the concept of acupuncture. Pressure is applied to various body points along energy pathways enhancing the free flow of Chi (life force energy). A t-shirt and loose cotton pants are provided.

Foot Massage 50 or 80 minutes
The theory of reflexology lies in the understanding that the feet have reflex points that correspond to the internal organs and limbs to balance all the functions of the body. By stimulating these points, the circulation of the entire body is improved.

Fifty/Fifty 100 minutes
Any two fifty-minute treatments