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Weddings & Honeymoons

Cameron Highlands Resort, surrounded by the verdant tranquillity of the hills, cool Highland air and bursting with colonial glamour and subtle charm, is the most romantic location for any couple; providing a stylish and nostalgic palette upon which to paint your perfect wedding.
The Colonial Wedding Experience
An intimate ceremony of old world glamour held amidst the romance and natural beauty in the Highlands.
The Spring Wedding Experience
A romantic and intimate spring wedding with touches of Oriental grace and beauty.
Treasured Moments
Cameron Highlands Resort, surrounded by lush untouched greenery with a climate reminiscent of a cool spring day, is the perfect place to gain sweet relief from the pressures of the city with the one you love. Here in the hills - where the air is crisp and cool and the rest of the world is left far behind - passion and romance have found the ideal setting.

At Cameron Highlands Resort, we have created a unique and luxurious Treasured Moments package; a perfect blend of intimacy and love.
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